Rules and Court Etiquette

  1. Proper tennis attire must be worn on the court. No jeans or cut-off shorts. 
  2. Proper footwear must be worn on the court. Herring bone treads please, no cross-trainers or running shoes. 
  3. Please set the time clock before going on the courts. Remember to respect the 45 minute time limit especially if there are members waiting. 
  4. All players are expected to sweep the courts and lines after play. 
  5. Members should respect the court maintenance program as it is a necessary requirement for har-tru. 
  6. Members should refrain from playing after a heavy rain. Please check with the pro's or executive if the courts appear soft and unplayable. 
  7. Seniors have priority over juniors at 5:00 PM , unless a junior is accompanied by a senior member. 
  8. Junior lessons take priority during the times designated by the executive and the club pros. 
  9. Guests of members are eligible to play up to a maximum of 3 times by paying a $10.00 user fee to the club pros. 
  10. Members are expected to be courteous and respectful to fellow members and staff.
  11. No Private Lessons or Ball Machine Use can be schedule prior to 12:00 PM.