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Membership Information

FAMILY (Both Adults over 40)                                        $400  (same as 2018)

ADULT (Over 40)                                                            $275  (same as 2018)

FAMILY (one adult is under 40)                                      $250 (SAVE $150 from 2018)

ADULT (under 40)                                                           $175 (SAVE $100 from 2018)

JUNIOR (18 and under)                                                  $35   (SAVE $40 from 2018)

STUDENT (enrolled in the fall 2019)                               $35  (SAVE $65 from 2018)

OUT of TOWN LIMITED FAMILY MEMBERSHIP            $200  (New Offering)

OUT of TOWN LIMITED ADULT MEMBERSHIP             $150  (New Offering) 

*OUT of TOWN means that your primary residence is at least 100km away from Rothesay. Limited means that if you happen to be in town all summer, we would like you to purchase a full membership. If you are here sporadically throughout the summer or for a few weeks of the summer, this is the package for you.  

How To Join

PAYMENT... Send the appropriate payment to by email transfer. (If you need to choose a password choose Tennis2019). If you prefer you can also send a check to the Rothesay Tennis Club at 4 Tennis Court Road, Rothesay, NB, Canada E2E 5W4. We no longer use PayPal.

REGISTRATION FORM... If you would be so kind, please email us to tell us about your payment and the names of your family members (when applicable). 2019 Application